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Program Contacts

List of Departments and Contact Information


Suzanne Murphy, Director

(925) 228-3276 ext. 263

(925) 228-6989 (fax)

Martinez Regional Criminal Justice Training Center

Robin Gonzales, Program Coordinator

(925) 228-3276 ext. 230


Business Training Center

Rob Lawrence, Program Coordinator

(925) 228-3276 ext. 218


Nicole Gero, Secretary

(925) 228-3276 ext. 220


Martinez Digital Arts

CAD + Web Design

Johnny Gallardo


High School Programs

 Alison Armand, Program Coordinator



Maria Lumb, Department Assistant

(925) 228-3276 ext. 234 (Office)

Community Education

Gretchen Lammers, Program Coordinator

(925) 228-3276 ext. 254


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Martinez Institute of English

Gretchen Lammers, Program Co-Coordinator

(925) 228-3276 ext. 254


Leif Williams, Program Co-Coordinator

(925) 228-3276 ext. 256 


Aimee Wallace, Secretary

(925) 228-3276 ext. 255 (Office)






American Indian Culture and Education

(925) 228-3276 ext. 268