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Student Success Stories

Devendra Niraula

Devendra NiraulaI came to the US with my family in 2017 and started taking accounting and payroll classes in MAE with Marcio DePaula. I received thriving quality education from this institution and transferred to DVC. I have just finished my associate degree from DVC, but the foundation was so good to succeed in college, and it was Martinez Adult Education. I have got a job in Mt Diablo Unified School District as an Accounting Clerk. After six months of working as an Accounting Clerk, I got the promotion to Fiscal Analyst, a permanent position. They help me all the process to transfer to DVC and even prepare the resume and job search. I am so glad to share my success, and it could not be possible without the efforts and support of MAE and my mentors Marcio DePaula Wai and Nicole Gomes. Special thanks to all the MAE family.

​​​​​​​Ana De Abreu

Ana De AbreuAfter a job injury in 2019, I needed to revamp my abilities and start a new Career. I wanted a program that could ignite my Tax Preparer Career so I can help clients better. Since I prepared lots of Small Business returns, I thought about going back to school and learn Accounting or Bookkeeping.However, I didn't want to commute, I didn't want a long career and I had an urgent need to get back to a Full-time job. COVID19 showed up and virtual training went viral and affordable! From my daughter's prior experience, I already knew that MAE offered Professional shortterm programs and I found the Accounting Specialist Program which perfectly fits my Career goals. I started in Sept 2020 and today, I am just one class away from my Certificate and the best accomplishment: less than a year later, on 8-23-21 I did land a job that combines Bookkeeping and Taxes! Love it and love my peers, it's a complete coming back to business 100%! I want to aplaude the MAE Staff in general with especial Kudos to Nicole Gero who has lots of patience and prompt responses! Also, to Marcio D'Paula and Linda Yocum, both are excellent and understanding "Maestros", with a great ability to transfer skills from Instructor to Student. "It's never too late to achieve one more goal!"

Baltazar Hernandez

Baltazar HernandezI moved from San Diego to live with my brother in Martinez. I came with the intent of finishing my high school diploma. I decided to get my diploma because I saw the importance of education and how a diploma can open up opportunities that I didn't have before. I didn't get one before because I was working full time and I wasn't managing my time very well. MAE has definitely fulfilled that excitement. My favorite part about  learning is expanding my knowledge and my vocabulary. The staff are good hearted, respectful and worked with my schedule to make it easy for me. They have been nothing but supportive to ensure I reach my academic goals. A challenge I have had to overcome in order to come to school is staying disciplined. There are days I feel mentally drained. I constantly remind myself that it will all be worth it once I receive my diploma. Judy, my
instructor, is amiable and is always ready to give help when I need it. Once I complete my high school diploma I plan on enlisting in the Coast Guard. There are many reasons for me wanting to enlist. Firstly I want to do some sort of law enforcement and the Coast Guard will pave that path for me. Secondly
are the benefits that come with being enlisted in the military, such as the GI Bill, VA home loans, free healthcare, and many more. Not only that, but I will gain new insights on life, meet new people, travel to different places, and have more opportunities if I decide to take a different route in life. Iím more than glad I get to finish my diploma at MAE.

Marivel Castro

Marivel CastroMarivel Castro came to the United States in 2017 and enrolled in ESL classes in
September of the same year. She started in Mr. Williams' ESL Beginning High  Intermediate Low 1 class. Because she learned quickly, she was promoted to the Intermediate Low 2 Advanced class by the end of the Fall term. Marivel was nervous about being in a more advanced class, but she persevered and her English grew by leaps
and bounds! In addition to the morning class, Marivel has taken ESL Communication
Skills, and U.S. Citizenship Preparation. Marivel says, "Now I can say I understand a lot in English. I can watch TV in English. I feel more confident, and I can use different ways to say what I want. I can go shopping alone. I can order in the drive-thru." She also communicates better with her sons' teachers. Marivel is grateful for Mr. Williams' patience with the students and for Mrs. Rausch pushing her to pronounce words correctly. Since joining the ESL Intermediate 2 Advanced class, she has completed the Intermediate Low 2 and Intermediate High English levels.