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Martinez Adult Education

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     (925) 335-5890

     HOURS                           Mon - Thu: 8:30 am–8:00 pm       Fri: 8:30 am–12:00 pm


    Suzanne Murphy

    Office Manager
    Mary Braun
    (925) 335-5890, Ext. 3930

    Business Training Center
    Nicole Gero
    (925) 335-5890, Ext. 3983      Make an Appointment

    ESL Office
    Patty Pacheco
    (925) 335-5890, Ext. 3920

    High School Diploma and Equivalency
    Maria Lumb
    (925) 335-5890, Ext. 3994

    Peace Officer Standards and Training
    Darius Parks
    (925) 335-5890, Ext. 3968

    MAE Vision and Mission

    VISION: Meet the evolving individual and community needs through accessible, effective education enabling our students to achieve their educational and career goals.

    MISSION: Transforming lives by raising academic and literacy levels, providing workforce training and pathways to
    postsecondary education, and inspiring students to become active community participants.

    School Wide Learning Outcomes

    Apply learned skills, study habits, and knowledge, to prepare and assist in future life transitions

    Communicate effectively in written, verbal, and digital form

    Recognize and engage in learning opportunities that are responsive to an ever-changing world and workplace

    Exercise critical thinking skills by applying problem-solving strategies in various settings

    Work collaboratively and independently in a diverse environment.

    Shelter, Inc.

    If you or someone you know is unable to pay rent, please apply to Shelter, Inc. They may be able to provide assistance at Shelter, Inc.

    Contra Costa Health Services

    We can help you find things  like healthy food, childcare,  and healthcare near you so that you and your family can  be well. Visit here for more information.

    Optical Assistant Training  Program Leads To Good-Paying Job

    One way the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County (WDBCCC) works to build an inclusive, qualified workforce for the county is by drawing upon our vast network of community relationships to help businesses and programs thrive. To learn more about the program, please visit the OSTP page.

    Optical 2.23


    HS Diploma

    Local Business

    QB 23


          2023 BROCHURE            SPRING/SUMMER     2023 Brochure

       food safetyGardeningPersonal & Professional Enrichment Classes

    Pantry               Food Pantry                         Tuesday 3pm - 4pm      Martinez Adult Education      600 F Street, Martinez, CA  Main Parking Lot

              Congratulations             on becoming new    "United States Citizens"

    Graciela Gonzalez

    Graciela Gonzalez

    Alberto MendozaAlberto Mendoza

    US citizenship
    Soraya Nasserzedeh

    Quynh Mai and Xinh Dang      Quynh Mai & Xinh Dang

    Ida Erb                                 Ida Erb

    Access site at Martinez Adult Education

    Martinez Adult Education, through a unique partnership with Contra Costa County and nine local organizations, offers job readiness and career search resources on campus. 

    Following are some free services that are now available to students of Martinez Adult Education and the surrounding community.

    • Career Coach on campus 2 days a week
    • Access to CalJOBS, the state’s best online resource for job seekers
    • Personalized résumé review and mock interviews
    • Computers, printers, copiers, and scanners available for job search
    • Typing certifications (by appointment only)