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American Indian Culture & Education Program


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Program Director
Suzanne Murphy

Para Educators
Stefanie Ayala

Tutoring & Academic Advising K-8 - (Title VI)

If your child is enrolled in our program and would like Tutoring Services please fill out the attached form and email Suzanne or Stefanie:

Tutoring Services are for grades K-8th. Our Para-Educator, Stefanie Ayala, will happily assist with these services. 

                     John Muir Elementary School Presentation

By Nicholas Sanchez of the Navajo, Apache & Tewa Tribesnick



Natives Eastbay

The American Golden Eagle Parent Committee Meetings The American Golden Eagle Parent Committee Meetings Indian Culture and Education Program and our Golden Eagle Parent Committee is inviting you to join our parent committee meetings every month.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023
6:00-7:00 pm
Martinez Adult School
Room 5

600 F Street, Martinez CA  Agenda


    Past 2023 Meetings        Agenda & Notes 






Golden Eagle Parent Committee, Program Survey Ideas for 23-24


The American Indian Culture & Education Program strives to further the educational, social, and cultural development of Native American students and their families in Contra Costa County. 

We are largely funded by a grant from the Office of Indian Education.  We rely on support from our parent group and the surrounding community to assist us in providing the most authentic experiences possible for our students.

Your child counts... so make sure of it!  If you haven't already done so, PLEASE complete a 506 form.  Each 506 form provides funding for virtually all our current services.  It may even allow us to add some new ones!!

Click here for the 506 Form

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